LEGO Announces Star Wars Master Builder Series With “Betrayal At Cloud City”

LEGO is really doubling down on using the ‘Master Builder’ title and why not? It’s very recognizable now and might even help them with sales. Playsets have been a real sticking point between LEGO and fans for years. Fans keep asking for certain ones, but the ones LEGO releases don’t seem to sell very well for various reasons. Hopefully this set will change that for the better. Continue reading “LEGO Announces Star Wars Master Builder Series With “Betrayal At Cloud City””

Go Home Artoo, You’re Drunk…

So I decided I’d build a newer Star Wars set and review it. I haven’t done a set review yet and I figured I was long overdue. I opened the box, as one does, dumped out bag number one onto my tray and the very first part I grabbed for assembly was that familiar 2 x 2 dome. I slapped it on the droid body and started to attach the legs as I looked the new mucked up print over and something seemed off. Continue reading “Go Home Artoo, You’re Drunk…”

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