Star Trek

I love Star Wars, but Gene Roddenberry’s masterpiece of pop culture will always remain my favourite piece of mainstream science fiction.


Borg Arm Weapon


The Borg don’t often use handheld… anything, so this is a truly obscure prop. Regardless, the Borg are my favourite villain in Star Trek and I really wanted to build something for them. I kept this together for a long time. Probably for no other reason than it was my first Trek build.

Enterprise Communicator


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I had a toy version of the communicator from Star Trek: Enterprise (I actually have pretty much all the toys) and so one day I decided to see if I could replicate it to scale. It`s about 10-15% larger that the prop so it`s as close to screen accurate as it gets until the make a dish or round tile that’s 1.5 studs instead of 2 in diameter. I played with this quite a bit until I took it apart and as small as it is, I wasn’t able to finish it without a Bricklink order. Or two.

Classic Phaser (Types I & II)


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Sometimes you just have to get back to basics and there’s no where better to go than The Original Series. I built this in 2010, but it wasn’t really done until a year or more later when I was finally able to get the last few parts I needed in metallic silver. Once I had them, I added them to the model, shot off a few pews before patting myself on the back and sticking it back in a box to be forgotten about for five years or so. So in 2016, I put together a little stand and took it to ECCE. It’s good to balance out all those lightsabers with a little phaser action. Pew, pew!

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