Comic Book Heroes I’ve spent a lot of time building in the world of comic books and after you remove my Avengers builds and the comic cover recreations, there’s still quite a bit left to see.   The Knight Train (2011) Built fro FBTB’s “Wheels of Justice” challenge, I wanted it to be a battering… Continue Reading →

Two By Four Cole Blaq started an art project several years ago that showcased a vast multitude of different representations of the standard 2 x 4 stud LEGO brick. I was inspired to make my own interpretations in the style of Cole’s Enter The Brick series.   Brick One – Necrophobic (2011) A casket seemed… Continue Reading →

Fundy Fan Fest 2017 Wrap-Up

I was fortunate to be asked to display my builds at last months very first Fundy Fan Fest and I had a great time. I love going to comic and pop culture conventions and have had a display at ECCE in Moncton for the past four years. The whole family looks forward to that trip… Continue Reading →

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