12 Items Or Fewer – LEGO’s 2018 Holiday Line-Up

On Thursday May 17th LEGO unveiled over 100 sets that will be available between now and the end of 2018. I decided that instead of just dumping pictures for that many sets here in a giant post or hitting you with a barrage of posts, splitting up the sets by theme I’m going to pick what I think are the cream of the crop.

Twelve sets that speak to me and that I think will appeal to others based on the criteria I look for in a set. So let’s get right into this shall we? Continue reading “12 Items Or Fewer – LEGO’s 2018 Holiday Line-Up”

The LEGO Movie Sequel Announces Title & Release Date

Four years ago, The LEGO Movie was unleashed upon the world. Many were cynical of an entire film based around a children’s toy and figured it was nothing but a cash grab. After opening to nearly universal critical acclaim and a total box office of nearly half a billion dollars, it was clear that it was more than JUST a cash grab. It touched a nerve with audiences and they wanted more. Continue reading “The LEGO Movie Sequel Announces Title & Release Date”

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