Generally a LEGO mosaic is done like any pixel art or a large or small scale. I don’t limit myself to this definition and build in layers or with line art as the need arises.


V For Vendetta


Based on a digital design by another AFOL, I built this to prove it was possible to do with actual parts. It took a few adjustments to create, but now I will forever have an avatar to use on the fifth of November. Assuming I remember.

Batman 75th Anniversary  


I enjoy doing a more structured style of mosiac. Building with multiple layers in different directions. This can lend well to an Art Deco style and that’s where I usually go when I think of Batman.

8-Bit Spidey 


I was inspired by some of Marco Rudy’s 8-bit art in Marel Knights: Spider-Man and decided to try my hand at capturing some truly circular art in pixel form. Marco must have approved because he insisted on buying it. It remains to this day the only build I have ever sold and so, this is the only photo I have of it.

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone, Take This!


A fun build I did as a valentine for my wife.

Dark Knight


The 75th Anniversary Batman mosaic was very popular, so I decided to follow it up with something a little more Gothic. I enjoy when the focus of a piece of art steps outside it’s own border, so I try it whenever I can.



This was a simple idea that was made more complicated in mirroring the  sides. Building the same thing twice in two different colour schemes wasn’t the problem, mounting them in a way so everything lined up perfectly took quite a bit of experimenting. Worth it to do The Flash justice, though.

Dawn Of The Droid


I wanted to do a larger, more traditional mosaic and the idea hit me like a brick to the head. R2-D2 is a cold and calculations killer in the guise of a plucky, beeping sidekick. He deserves the reverence and morbid respect he’s earned. Never, NEVER turn your back on a droid.

Star Trek 50th Anniversary

— Coming Soon —

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