Comic Book Heroes

I’ve spent a lot of time building in the world of comic books and after you remove my Avengers builds and the comic cover recreations, there’s still quite a bit left to see.


The Knight Train


Built fro FBTB’s “Wheels of Justice” challenge, I wanted it to be a battering ram on wheels. A mix of retro roadster, locomotive and as much Batman as I could squeeze into one build. The finished product reminded me a lot of Mater from Pixar’s Cars films, so…

The Batmobile (Cars-ified)


If Batman existed in the world of PIxar’s Cars, he’d literally be the Batmobile! I couldn’t help myself and ended up liking this far more that the original model.

The Fall Of Oroku Saki :

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Vingette


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I still have fond memories of the original TMNT movie. You can do dark and gritty and still make the film appropriate for kids. I had to build the vignette to specific dimensions for a contest so I had a limited base to work with, bu the fun in that is trying to make only chunks of the building and the garbage truck. Luckily the Collectable Minifigure line has had a lot of sports figures, so I was able to make my own Casey Jones.

The Right Hand Of Doom


This sculpture took me months of starting and stopping. Buying parts and redesigning as I went until I got it finished just in time for Hellboy’s 20th anniversary. The fingers are fully jointed and can be posed and the hand itself has a grip inside so you can wear it. It’s been a big hit at shows and people love getting the opportunity to wear it. It’s getting older and the fingers are losing they’re stiffness and popping apart more frequently with use, but it may still be a few years before I can bring myself to retire this model.

The Bottle City Of Kandor


Once the capital city of Krypton, Kandor was shrunken and stolen by Brainiac to add to his collection of bottled cities throughout the universe. I wanted to capture an aesthetic that showed a mixture of the classic crystalline structures I grew up with and modern architecture . If Kandor was a capital city of one of the most advanced planets in the galaxy, it would have attracted artists, architects and engineers to bring their visions and expertise to the skyline.

Once I had an appropriately sized bell jar, I constructed the based to fit it and then worked with the curved measurements to fill the skyline as I envisioned it. It certainly made me a fan of working within a glass enclosure.


The Punisher


I always liked reading the old Punisher comics as a kid. I actually had the large format comic magazines and read them until they fell apart. He’s not exactly a kid friendly character generally, so I had to make my own figure. I usually detest cutting stickers, but I had some from the old Space Skulls set and that seemed like a perfect fit. I really just wanted to build a Punisher mosaic, but it evolved from there and this is where it went.

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