SOL 2018 Day 13 – “Clever Girl”

When Lowery Cruthers says “That first park was legit” in Jurassic World, he was absolutely right. I saw Jurassic Park in theatres when it came out in 1993 and it instantly became one of my favourite monster movies. The sequels have never really lived up to the original, but they’re all fun to watch from time to time, because dinosaurs. I didn’t have to re-watch the first movie while I built this set I’ve waited 25 years for, but of course I did. Let’s do a mini review with this one, shall we? Continue reading “SOL 2018 Day 13 – “Clever Girl””

Go Home Artoo, You’re Drunk…

So I decided I’d build a newer Star Wars set and review it. I haven’t done a set review yet and I figured I was long overdue. I opened the box, as one does, dumped out bag number one onto my tray and the very first part I grabbed for assembly was that familiar 2 x 2 dome. I slapped it on the droid body and started to attach the legs as I looked the new mucked up print over and something seemed off. Continue reading “Go Home Artoo, You’re Drunk…”

The LEGO Ninjago Movie Review

The latest LEGO movie has arrived on the big screen and it has some big, brick-built shoes to fill. The LEGO Movie caught many off guard when it arrived in 2014. It garnered almost universal praise amongst critics and audiences alike and earned nearly $470 million dollars worldwide. Just this past February, The LEGO Batman Movie earned over $300 million and similarly high praise. So how does The LEGO Ninjago Movie compare to its illustrious predecessors? Well, I have some thoughts…
Continue reading “The LEGO Ninjago Movie Review”

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