Hey LEGO! Where’s My…? Spider-Man 2099

I found this comic in a grocery store in 1993. It wasn’t the Spider-Man I had known and loved since infancy. This was something new, something different. All I knew for certain was that I liked it and I had to track down the first two issues I had missed. With a trip to my local comic shop, the now long gone Sorcerer’s Stone, I’d found my favourite version of my favourite character. Now I just need him in LEGO. Continue reading “Hey LEGO! Where’s My…? Spider-Man 2099”

LEGO Voltron Is… Shut Up And Take My Money!

The word is finally out and the long awaited LEGO Voltron Ideas set is officially revealed. At a height of 40cm and a piece count of 2321, LEGO claims it’s the largest buildable LEGO mech ever and I’d be too gob-struck to bother checking out that claim even if I didn’t trust them (It would just be an excuse to go look at mechs anyway). I’m not saying this is the greatest thing to ever come out of LEGO Ideas, but I just did and I stand by that statement. Continue reading “LEGO Voltron Is… Shut Up And Take My Money!”

HEY LEGO! Where’s My…? Boba Fett (Animation Version)

Most Boba Fettishists are probably well aware of the galaxy’s greatest bounty hunter’s debut in an animated segment of the Star Wars Holiday Special back in 1978. If you weren’t aware of this, then the image above may look a bit confusing. I’d suggest setting aside 100 minutes you’re cool with never getting back and finding a link to the special on YouTube or elsewhere. Just be prepared to hate Star Wars, yourself and me for suggesting it. Then come back and read on…
Continue reading “HEY LEGO! Where’s My…? Boba Fett (Animation Version)”

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