Building Infinity

After starting into my Avengers builds, it seemed like a natural progression to build the Cosmic Cube and from there, I figured I might as well build all the Infinity Stones. These builds are specifically based on the different MacGuffins from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and not the comic counterparts. Each new build get me one step closer to total control over time, reality and the entire universe! Mwahahahahahahah!


The Tesseract (Cosmic Cube)



The Space Stone

It might seem like an easy build, but there were challenges. Sourcing all the clear tiles was no fun at the time and working it out so I could light it without clearly seeing the inside took a bit of experimenting. I also needed to be able to weave the plates and tiles on the top and bottom in a way that was solid enough to hold together well through handling ans still allow it to be opened up often enough to change the batteries.

An object powerful enough to create portals through infinite space and it doubles as a nifty night light.

The Aether


The Reality Stone

The Aether was neither as cool looking as the Tesseract, nor as interesting in it’s power set (yet). It’s still a neat design an I wanted to try something a little different, so it’s built with tiles on the top and bottom and nearly impossible to see where the bricks switch direction. A bit of an ominous look to this one in the dark though, so try sleeping with one eye open.


The Orb


The Power Stone

Once LEGO created those purple pod pieces, the hard part was over. It was time for a new hard part… trying to approximate the orb itself and the multiple layers of security down to its core. I used two bottom halves of the LEGO Death Star pod as my base model and went from there. The transparent tubing that suspends the Orb itself is a fiber optic LEGO wire that is very rare, but very useful.


The Eye Of Agamotto


Coming Soon

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