Art by Karibu

I’m a geek and an introvert. Those things can often go hand in hand, but creating with LEGO led me to sharing with a wide audience of like minded weirdos. I found this comforting for a time, but I still felt isolated. Living in a relatively small city doesn’t help. In 2012 I created some of my most popular builds when I started my ‘Assembling the Avengers’ project. They got a lot of attention online and that led to a chance encounter with an artist involved with a comic convention right here in New Brunswick. The organizers invited me to have a display at East Coast Comic Expo and so I prepped the Avengers builds and created as many more original comic based sculptures as I could in the time I had. The response from the public at the show was overwhelming but incredible. The influence it had on kids was something I hadn’t expected and suddenly I was inspiring a younger generation. That’s why I love going to shows and having displays. Breaking peoples expectations of what you can do with small, interlocking blocks and showing them the only thing holding you back is your imagination.

And inventory…


2014 - 'Assembling the Avengers', East Coast Comic Expo, Moncton

2015 - 'Assembling the Avengers 2.0', East Coast Comic Expo, Moncton

2016 - 'Comic Bricks', East Coast Comic Expo, Moncton

2017 - 'To Boldly Go', East Coast Comic Expo, Moncton

2017 - 'To Boldly Go', Fundy Fan Fest, Saint John

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