Check This Out! We Are Venom by Brickatecture

It’s no secret that I love wearable LEGO and I’m always on the lookout for great costume or prop builds. Last October Brickatecture built an excellent rendition of Ant-Man’s helmet from the MCU and this year he’s done it again. This time he’s created Marvel’s Lethal Protector, Venom.

Check This Out! The Dark Aster by Michael Steindl

The design of the ships in Guardians of the Galaxy were so colourful and unique they really popped off the screen and into your imagination. When the Dark Aster first appears it’s a stark contrast with it’s massive and menacing presence and you know one thing immeadiately, this is the villain’s ship.

Check This Out! Pokémon: Eevee by retinence

This one goes out to all the Pokémon Go-ers and I’ve been saving it for today specifically. It can’t be a coincidence that Mike Nieves built this ‘mon when he did since this month’s Community Day critter is the one and only evolution Pokémon itself, Eevee!

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