While the site attempts to cover a wide variety of LEGO related topics and content, these are featured articles that will pop up the most often. Check This Out! Shining a spotlight on eye-catching MOCs from the AFOL community. Awesome builds of all sizes done by builders from all over the world! Builder To Watch… Continue Reading →

LEGO Unveils Technic Bugatti Chiron

When I first started buying LEGO in the late 90’s, Technic was the bulk of my purchases. I haven’t bought any in a few years, but I always end up ogling certain sets and this will definitely be one of them.

Hey LEGO! Where’s My…? Ideas Voltron

It was announced in August of last year that two projects were approved to become Ideas sets, The Ship in a Bottle and Voltron. The Ship in a Bottle went on Sale February 1st, but there has been little to no info released about the Defender of the Universe.

Mosaics Generally a LEGO mosaic is done like any pixel art or a large or small scale. I don’t limit myself to this definition and build in layers or with line art as the need arises.   V For Vendetta (2009) Based on a digital design by another AFOL, I built this to prove it… Continue Reading →

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