While the site attempts to cover a wide variety of LEGO related topics and content, these are featured articles that will pop up the most often.

Check This Out!
Shining a spotlight on eye-catching MOCs from the AFOL community. Awesome builds of all sizes done by builders from all over the world!

Builder To Watch
Giving love specifically to builders just getting started or with only a few MOCs under their belts. It’s easy to fawn over expert builders who’ve become pillars of the community, but if you only watch the superstars you can miss some real gems.

Screen Time
Not everything is about the hands on brick experience. If there are movies or TV shows about LEGO or revolving around a LEGO license, it’ll be covered here.

Game On!
Like Screen Time, but focusing on news and reviews regarding LEGO Games.

Hey LEGO! Where’s My…?
This is where I will argue, beg and complain to LEGO for sets and other products I want to see get released.

12 Items Or Fewer
A grab bag that could be an interview, article or straight list on just about any LEGO related topic. Kept under 12 points to keep me from getting too long winded. Though you MAY see a bonus from time to time if I just can`t stay under a baker`s dozen.

Boba Fettish
If it’s related to the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy, this if what it’ll be under. I might have a problem.

Hitting The Bricks
From time to time I have to leave the LEGO cave. If I do hit the road to visit convention or other shows, I`ll let everyone know here.

Bricks To Buy
Sharing what I`ll be spending my LEGO bucks on and bringing attention to sets others may want to buy as well.

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