Ghostbusters 3 Coming In 2020!

Dust off those Proton Packs and gas up the Ecto-1, it’s time to get excited, Ghostheads!

For the record, I enjoyed Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters film. It wasn’t great, but neither was Ghostbusters 2 if we’re really being honest with ourselves. I thought Kate McKinnon was a stand out as Holtzmann and Chris Hemsworth got to really show off his comedic chops.

Having said that and knowing full well that the original sequel was lackluster at best, I can’t wait for this new chapter. It’s being produced by Ivan Reitman himself and written/directed by his son Jason, who grew up on the set of the original film. I’m hopeful he’ll breathe new life into the franchise and it will be a huge success.

If for no other reason than merchandising. I’d love a new animated series (from either group, or both!) and I’m always up for more LEGO sets, so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Ghostbusters 3 Coming In 2020!

I’ll keep you posted as details come in.

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