Holiday Countdown 2018 – Day 24

It’s The Final Countdown!

Yup, It’s all over for 2018’s calendar and while I didn’t get a chance to post this on the 24th it was nice to find the train when I opened yesterday’s door. It’s a solid build that can still be used as an ornament or just as a toy train.

This was a great calendar overall and while a few days may have been weaker, those builds were head and shoulders above weaker builds from City or Star Wars Calendars and even better than some of the good days in those ones.

Another year has come to a close and Christmas Day has touched down here with all the trappings of the season. Santa has come and gone and I might have drank his eggnog…

I hope everyone has a Happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

Holiday Countdown 2018 - Day 24

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