Happy Solstice & A Blessed Yule!

I for one am thankful for the days starting to get longer. Let’s celebrate!

My family decided to observe Yule/Winter Solstice properly this year. So we exchanged gifts, played games, performed a cleansing ritual to welcome back the sun and prepared a crown pork roast for a family feast! Seriously, I need to get a smaller one next time, but at least we have delicious leftovers for a couple days.

We also decorated our tree for Yule with primarily hand made ornaments this year including some traditional Scandinavian ones my wife and I made at an event this past week. That fits perfectly with all the ornaments I’ve been putting on it daily from the Friends Advent Calendar. I figured that was a fine enough reason to work outside of my comfort zone and try to create a tree topper this year that was a bit more naturalistic. So, I tried my hand at the triple moon design with a pentacle in the center and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

As with the last couple of years, I’ve made it with only parts I’ve had on hand and finished it in a couple of days (not flat out building for 48 hours, mind you). This is my eighth year building our tree topper and I have no plans on stopping any time soon. I already have a couple ideas and I should do something big for my tenth year in 2020.

Hope you like it and that everyone has a wonderful holiday season, however you choose to celebrate!

Next stop, Chirstmas! Bring on the turkey and treats!

I probably need to stop obsessing about food…

Happy Solstice & A Blessed Yule!

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