Check This Out! Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales

Normally I put the builder’s name in the title of these MOC showcase posts, but this incredible beast of a book has multiple designers. Built by three LEGO fans from Denmark, Anne Mette Vestergård, Helgi Toftegaard and Lasse Vestergård, this titanic tome is a monument to the works of Hans Christian Andersen and like many of his tales, this is a masterpiece.

LEGO H. C. Andersen's Fairy Tales

The cover is an impressive mosaic of the author, a list of his works and the books “illustrators”, but that’s just gravy. Inside are 24 individual vignettes, each based on a different story by the Danish author. You can see a video of the scenes below.

The 24 scenes are even lit and have motorized animations! There’s just too much to take in here. I’d love to have the chance to see it in person and pour over the details, but the video and the picture below will just have to do!

Well played, everyone!

LEGO H. C. Andersen's Fairy Tales

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