Check This Out! Wolverine vs The Sentinels by I Scream Clone

This scene created by I Scream Clone is a perfect example of a set LEGO SHOULD be producing. It’s a great sentinel design and the three of them standing over a lone Wolverine amidst a demolished urban landscape evokes a perfect scene from the X-Men universe.

A full scale Sentinel would make an awesome collector’s set. They’ve already done a Hulkbuster in the same vein and now that Disney is purchasing Fox, LEGO can start making X-men sets more often. Hopefully anyway.

The set would be a great display piece like this scene I Scream Clone has created and I could easily see people buying multiples to make their own dioramas. As a bonus, they could include a Wolverine in his Days Of Future Past jacket and grey hair and an exclusive Kitty Pride.

For now, I’ll just enjoy this rendition and hope LEGO follows Clone’s excellent example. Soon.

Wolverine vs The Sentinels

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