LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book Revealed

Today LEGO revealed the newest Ideas set that will be available to purchase on November 1st. The Pop-Up Book will be the 23rd LEGO Ideas (& CUUSOO) set to be released and I’m looking forward to picking this one up!

LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book Revealed

You’ll be able to set the book up in two configurations, either depicting “Little Red Riding Hood” or “Jack And The Beanstalk”.

LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book Revealed

The set includes new minifgures of Little Red, Grandmother, the Big Bad Wolf and a giant to terrorize the Jack microfigure. The book will set you back $69.99 USD so I’m expecting it to be around $90 CAD. I’ll let LEGO fill you in on the rest.

LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book Revealed

Enjoy 2 classic fairy tales with this brick-mazing pop-up LEGO® book!
Bring the classic fairy tales Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk to life with the first-ever
pop-up book made from LEGO® bricks! Open the book and up pops grandmother’s lovely cottage with
swinging door and an interior so you and your family can recreate the memorable story. Will Little Red
Riding Hood recognize her grandmother in pajamas or is that the wolf in disguise? Or swap out the
scene and climb to the top of the beanstalk in search of treasure in the giant’s castle, but microfigure
Jack better keep an eye open for the hungry minifigure giant!
• Includes 4 new-for-November-2018 LEGO® minifigures: Little Red Riding Hood, Grandmother, the
Wolf, and the Giant. Also includes 1 new-for-November-2018 microfigure: Jack.
• First pop-up book in LEGO history features 2 different LEGO fairy tale stories: Little Red Riding Hood
and Jack and the Beanstalk.
• Build and display or recreate your own stories from 2 classic fairy tales with this imagination toy.
• This LEGO® Ideas set features enough bricks to build both fairy tales in the set or you can even build
your own scene.
• Includes a booklet featuring building instructions, a brief history of pop-up books, a short history of the
2 fairy tales in the set, plus information about this amazing classic fairy tale’s fan designers and LEGO®
• Pop-up book measures over 7” (20cm) long and 5” (13cm) wide when closed, and over 11” (28cm)
wide when open.

LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book Revealed
I foresee a lot of different “stories” popping up on Flickr once this set is released. Can’t wait!

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