SOL 2018 Day 62 – Join The Corps!

It’s late, so I thought I’d just watch the newest LEGO DC movie and finally crack open the “Build Your Own Adventure” book I picked up specifically for the John Stewart Green Lantern. Not a bad way to relax.

SOL 2018 Day 62 - Join The Corps!

I honestly knew nothing about Jessica Cruz other than she existed. I doubt this cartoon is an accurate depiction of the character, but I’ve barely cracked a DC comic in the past decade and usually when I do, I regret it. Still it’s a great looking fig and now that I’ve broken out my John Stewart, I can put them with my Hal Jordan. I hope the next GL they make is an alien. Guy Gardener could be fun, but I could do without Kyle Rayner. The movie was exactly what I expected. Goofy, cute and with the added surprise of just enough Lobo to make it awesome. I’m always on board for a little Aquaman teasing.

The little set that comes with the book is pretty neat and comes with some really cool parts. There is a pin click joint that I didn’t know came in a trans colour so that is really cool.

There’s just one day left of Super Hero Week and I’m hoping to make it a good one, but I work most of the day tomorrow and then we’re having and end of summer bonfire, so we’ll see. If need be I’ll take the pics and post on Monday with the last post for 2018’s Summer Of LEGO. We really are in the end game now!

SOL 2018 Day 62 - Join The Corps!

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