SOL 2018 Day 59 – Amazonian

There’s a rule. If you’re a Super Hero from the WWII era, with a patriotic American outfit and an ability to age exceptionally well, you get a motorcycle. If you’re Wonder Woman, it’s invisible.

Time for a little DC flavour for Super Hero Week and there’s no one more super than Wonder Woman. Well, there’s that other guy, but he’s kind of a dork.
These DC Super Hero Girls sets are neat. and the colour scheme on this one is perfect. Again, it was a sticker-palooza, but that’s not my bag so it’s a little bland without them. I really like the invisible bike, but I wish they’d made the rims transparent as well as the handle bars.

SOL 2018 Day 59 - Amazonian

Not a bad little set overall, but now I have to get back to some Marvel Super Heroes 2. I need to unlock Lockjaw!

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