SOL 2018 Day 56 – “There Was A Fire Fight!”

I kinda like it when LEGO releases sets ahead of movies. I can just make up what I think happens and recast characters if I want. So here, Grindelwald is being played by Willem Dafoe. Already an improvement, I’m sure.

I’m a sucker for a set based on a carriage and I really like this one. The design uses a lot of different parts and techniques then I’m used to seeing. It’s a darker, more enclosed car. Maybe a prison transport, but as with many things in the wizarding world it has a bit more style than needed.

I love the Seraphina Picquery fig, but to me the Grindelwald looks like a First Doctor minifigure with a messed up face. I’ll have to find an appropriate one and that’ll be another Doctor down. The real star here is the Thestral though. It has a real, four horsemen vibe and monster horses really are the best horses. I might need to get another.

SOL 2018 Day 56 - "There Was A Fire Fight!"

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