SOL 2018 Day 53 – Cold Storage

Just because LEGO is finally resurrecting Bespin with the massive “Betrayal at Cloud City” set, doesn’t mean they’re done with Hoth. Unfortunately, I’m a sucker for a bacta tank, for some reason.

Pretty sure it’s not Luke in his underoos, at least. I do really like monochromatic sets in certain hues and white is one of them. White makes for some great sci-fi builds because you can accent it with literally any colour and it just pops. I was drawn to some of the parts in this set as well. The macaroni tubes, the 2 x 2 corner tiles, syringes in light blue, the printed double wide cheese slopes and the sweet Hoth Leia and 2-1B figs.

Overall, not a bad set though I’d hold off for a sale if I were you. Also, I made it through the whole post without incesting on making a joke about “brotherly love”. Yay, me!

SOL 2018 Day 53 - Cold Storage

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