SOL 2018 Day 48 – Voldewald Or Grindelmort?

These two would either be best friends or tear the world apart trying to destroy each other and rule over the rubble.

Wizards, amirite?

One spent 8 films unsuccessfully trying to kill a bunch of children in one of the most elaborate Scooby-Doo inspired acid trips ever written and the other is Johnny Depp. I’d say that makes them both shoe-ins for Super Villain Week, Wouldn’t you agree?

SOL 2018 Day 48 - Voldewald Or Grindelmort?

I hadn’t planned on getting the Wizarding World Collectable Minifigures, but after I looked them over I just couldn’t resist. The figures themselves have some great prints that would be very useful in more generic figs, but it’s the accessories that win the day here. The tea cup and saucer, suitcase, Snitch, Cloak of Invisibility and pastries are my favourites, but I also have a wiz-ton of new wands too. The animals are also very welcome.

I could always use more owls.

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