SOL 2018 Day 47 – The Enemy Of My Enemy

Two of the biggest threats the X-Men ever faced in one set. Buying this when it came out was a no brainer.

When I was young, I didn’t understand why Magneto couldn’t just take control of these giant Robots or crumple them into balls. Regardless of space age polymers and whatnot, he’s found multiple ways over the years to come out on top of these walking mutant hunting automatons.

SOL 2018 Day 47 - The Enemy Of My Enemy

I love the Sentinel in this set with it’s printed head and chest. The joints are quite sturdy and the colours are perfect. The first time I built this set, I immediately built a batman version with a regular cowl on a robot head as the dimensions are not too off. I added bat wings and used a similar chest piece that came with a printed bat symbol to complete the look, which you can see below.


I don’t like the Magneto figure as much as the one that came in the Deadpool helicopter set, but it’s still good. It’s kinda like a disco outfit and all the best comic book characters had weird disco looks at one point or another. Looking at you, Wonder Woman! The Blackbird jet is a great build and probably one of the best Marvel sets overall with good techniques and excellent parts selection.

SOL 2018 Day 47 - The Enemy Of My Enemy

Honerable Mention: Storm! I love everything about this figure, but I seriously want LEGO to make a white mohawk so I can change up her look a bit. This set includes the better of the two suited Wolverine figures, this one just feels more classic. Cyclops is as dull as his character, so perfect.

This set is a high point for Marvel sets. Everything is recognizable and well done. Seven out of five thumbs up!

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