SOL 2018 Day 42 – Arachnophobia

It’s the fear of spiders and ‘other’ arachnids.
Aragog falls under both categories.

For day 42, I’d considered building a set that answered the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything. Then I saw this creepy crawler in the corner of my eye and the decision was made.

It’s the third time Aragog has been in a LEGO set and it’s the best one, easily. The new eye tiles are fantastic and the spider legs and other parts used for the body’s construction have come a long way in the past few years. This is very reminiscent of the Shelob from the LotR theme and even improves on a few bits to make the body more compact.

I was afraid of spiders when I was young, but a bite I got from someones large pet arachnid showed me the worst they could do to me wasn’t really that bad and so I became a spider lover.

Still waiting on the super powers.

SOL 2018 Day 42 - Arachnophobia

You get a couple of decent figs in the set, but the five regular spiders and the printed dish with the web pattern are more appealing to me. The new wands, candle and lantern parts are just gravy on this spider cake.

Mmmmmmmmmm, spider cake gravy.

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