Check This Out! Pokémon: Eevee by retinence

This one goes out to all the Pokémon Go-ers and I’ve been saving it for today specifically. It can’t be a coincidence that Mike Nieves built this ‘mon when he did since this month’s Community Day critter is the one and only evolution Pokémon itself, Eevee!

Yes this weekend marks the Community Day for August and because it’s a hunt for shiny Eevees, it’s lasting Saturday and Sunday so players can have twice the time to increase their chances of getting enough to eventually have all the Eeveelutions.

Anyway, I was doubly excited when I saw this awesome build pop up on Monday. Eevee is easily one of my favourite Pokémon and it’s Leafeon evolution in particular. I’ve swept many a gym with a fine Leafeon on my team.

Oh, Mike also built one of those too!

This Eevee is so fun and bubbly, it might just be too cute… nah. Go take a trip through his photostream for even more Pokémon and tons of other great builds!

Pokemon: eevee

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