SOL 2018 Day 37 – Temple Of Light To Moderate Cat Hair

Sometimes the cats take an interest in my building. It was my own fault this time for trying to shoot some pics on their turf.

This was my last copy of the Temple Of Light from the Ninjago theme. I can’t remember if I managed to get 3 or 4, but I’ve built all I had now. I thought it was a great set with a lot of excellent parts in colours I always need more of. All the gold is awesome and the 2 x 2 round pillar bricks in red along with the dark red dishes are up there on my list as well. The best bits are the white dish with printed gold pattern and the dragon emblazoned window panels.

I’m going to miss building sets from this era of Ninjago. The Ultra Raider, Samurai X Mech and this Temple were all great sets, worthy of picking up multiples for parts. I guess I’ll leave this one under the watchful eye of my ferociously simple guard cat.

He’s gonna play with it as soon as I turn my back, but cats need fun too.

Just… don’t eat it, Nova.

SOL 2018 Day 37 - Temple Of Light To Moderate Cat Hair

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