SOL 2018 Day 26 – TLC

Sometimes LEGO ends up forgotten or neglected and the makeshift Battle Bots my son and I built a few years ago have been collecting dust in a corner. It’s time to give these bricks and bits a little tender loving care.

When the Battle Bots TV series returned a while back, I got a chance to introduce it to my son. Of course the desire to build our own grew, so one day I grabbed a box of Technic bricks, some wheels and a pair of remotes from and old Bionicle set and we popped together some rudimentary bots and slapped some weapons on them. We had fun with them for a whole weekend, but after a couple of days they got tucked away in a corner and forgotten about. Pretty soon a couple of boxes got stacked in front of them and cut to finding them today. I’ll dismantle and clean them and then re-sort them back into my stockpile.

It’s a thankless job, but that’s only because bricks can’t talk.

SOL 2018 Day 26 - TLC

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