SOL 2018 Day 24 – Beach Blanket Batman

No sun, no fun. At least for these guys. I usually prefer a cloudy day, but lately it’s hot one way or another. I guess if you strip down to a couple of clam shells and a speedo, that’s one way of beating the heat.

Opened some the second series of the LEGO Batman Movie collectable figs today. I don’t have the complete set yet, but I only need six more. Clock King is the most important one to me, but I still need beach Joker, Batgirl and Robin as well as Bat-fan Batgirl and Rocker Alfred. I’m pretty burnt out on the collect-a-figs at this point, but I’ll probably finish this set or at least go looking for Clock King and Beach Joker. Fun is fun.

SOL 2018 Day 24 - Beach Blanket Batman

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