SOL 2018 Day 15 – 19th Nervous Breakdown

Far from my 19th at this point. Breaking down sets is the important first step in my sorting process. The nervous part is where do I put all this once it’s sorted?

This pile of sets were just what I built in June, but they’ve been laying around through the first two weeks of the Summer Of LEGO and I need to get them dealt with before the summer’s pile gets too big. I might work on this a little more through the week as I have a lot of LEGO to deal with if I want to get my library back to a usable state and get my set up for proper photography restored. All I’ve done is separated regular parts from the special ones and minifigs.

SOL 2018 Day 15 - 19th Nervous Breakdown

This is just the beginning.

Loki is not impressed.

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