Check This Out! Green Dragon Blade by Random Vector

I’m no stranger to building LEGO weapons and I have a healthy respect for those that not only give it their all to build a beauty like this, but to go the extra mile for the presentation. I would display this on my wall along with my real swords, without hesitation. Beautiful.

Green Dragon Blade

I was getting ready to go to bed and I thought I’d scroll through to see what people were up to tonight and now here I am writing a blog post. Why? Because I have to, it’s just that impressive.

The techniques used throughout the build are fantastic like the SNOT work in the Tusba (hand guard), blade and the chain on the Kashira (end cap), but the parts usage in the Tsuka (handle) is phenomenal. It appears that they’ve used tires turned inside out and stretched over the handle with 1 x 1 round studs separating them just enough for the edges to curl up a bit. This is the best looking recreation of a proper Ito (wrapping) I’ve seen in a LEGO sword build.

Green Dragon Blade (handle)

This build makes me extremely jealous and I want it badly. There’s nothing like swinging around a well built LEGO weapon to make you feel like the most bad-ass 10 year old on the planet. Even when you’re 40.

Well Played, Random Vector. Just, Wow.

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