SOL 2018 Day 14 – “Blue, Come With Me.”

Seems a fitting way to finish up Dinosaur Week by building Blue and her favourite human, Owen. Not sure if I’ll get my Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom review done today as I had hoped, but I just had to build this set. Honestly, I only bought it for Blue.

I really like that they introduced animals into Brickheadz and I plan on picking up the Harry Potter set with Hedwig the owl and I’d definitely be down for more. As Brickheadz go, Owen is pretty basic and while he’s far from Iconic, it does give you an alternate head for the Star-Lord Brickhead. Blue is a unique build and gives you lots of useful parts in both dark and olive greens. The tiles with teeth are awesome as well and I can see myself getting use out of them. Overall, not a bad pair, just like on screen.

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