SOL 2018 Day 11 – “Am I Even In This Movie?”

No. No you’re not.

Could I have missed this face-fin-flapping, poison goo spitting, Wayne Knight eating frilled lizard grand daddy in all the commotion of a gigantic, dinosaur stampede causing volcanic eruption. Possibly, but I highly doubt it. Let’s just look at this set for what it is, an excuse to use a pre-existing dinosaur mold.


I love the Dilophosaurus, so getting one in a new colour is always welcome. Dilly’s not on her own in this one though, you also get a baby Blue figure and that level of adorableness is rarely achieved in a set based on a movie about dinosaurs eating people you’re supposed to hate. She’s just too cute, I’m going to have to find a couple more.


As far as play features are concerned this one is a bit of a let down. There’s a panel that pops out for some reason, maybe it’s supposed to be an escape hatch or something. Two buttons that are supposed to blow the gates of the hinges, but they don’t work very well. I put that section on backwards because it makes more sense to me that it would be trying to break out, based on the movie this set was obviously not based on.


Play aside, this is a nice little parts pack. The gates are barred doors, the navy pop out panel is an awesome hold over from Nexo Knights and I can always use more. You get another egg… I’ll have a dozen someday. Also the long bar parts are very rare and I hope to see them pop up in more sets, plus there was an extra one.


All in all it’s an OK set, considering it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Still, dinosaurs!

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