Check This Out! A Trio Of Cretaceous Critters by Klikstyle

Jme Wheeler has been on a bit of a dino kick as well, so of course I wanted to highlight his work for Dinosaur Week. I just couldn’t choose which build to spotlight, but it’s better to have too much then not enough when you plan on sharing!

First up is this tranquil scene where we see a man and his dog… er, lizard, doing some peaceful fishing. The positioning in this is incredible and I love how the water is built around the dinosaur’s feet and jaw so it looks like he’s enjoying a cool drink.

FB (Low Full)

Next up is a woman and her dog… wait I tried to make that joke already, never mind. Next is a woman and her trusty dino steed searching a scorched wasteland for provisions in a tribal world of war. The colour palette here is fantastic and the rock work compliments what is again, perfect posing.

Dry Season (Full High)

Lastly, this vignette of a dinosaur riding berserker is quite striking with it’s lush colouring and it’s x shaped base. Quite unusual, but used to visually engaging success here. I would normally have thought this kind of base unnecessary, but I’m happy to be convinced otherwise in this case.

Breach (Full)

Well Played, Klikstyle! I hope to see more of these scenes in the near future!

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