Check This Out! Jurassic Park Gate Vignette by Miro78

Today is the day. Time to go see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom with my sidekick. To get myself in the mood I re-watched Jurassic World on Monday night and then again yesterday with my son. I love the scene where they introduce you to the new park by going through the iconic gates. Miro78 has done a fine job replicating them in this fun mini vignette.

It’s a render of a previous build he did back in November of last year and I think I much prefer the update. I have no issues with studly builds, but the overall remodel just looks more finished and I love the tail parts for thicker tree trunks. It looks like a model out of a loading screen from one of the video games and that’s high praise because I always spend that loading time wanting to recreate those little vignettes.

Great build, Miro78 and now I’m off to see some big screen reptilian action. Later Dino-nerds.

Jurassic Park Gate Vignette

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