SOL 2018 Day 9 – “I Used To Be A Coelophysis”

It’s true. They call me Gallimimus now, even though I have all these teeth. I don’t care either way… the smart mouse gets the cheese.

A tiny set for a busy day. This polybag came out with Jurassic World and they re-purposed the Coelophysis from the LEGO Dino theme to be a very toothy Gallimimus. Oh well, they don’t have feathers anyway, so how accurate can we expect them to be? A couple of decent parts and a nice printed Jurassic tile, but I’d have bought this bag if it was literally just the dino.

SOL 2018 Day 9 - "I Used To Be A Coelophysis"

Tomorrow will be a bit bigger. Maybe… more teeth.

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