Summer Of LEGO 2018 Begins!

Last year I spent the summer building, at least, one LEGO set everyday. It was a way to cull my box fort of a collection a bit, resupply my parts for future MOCs and just enjoy my hobby with my son while he’s on his summer vacation. I really enjoyed it and I’ve decided to do the same thing this year, but with a twist.

I’ve still got more than enough sets to do one every day between now and September, but I don’t want this summer to just feel like an assembly line. So this year I’m going to do something LEGO related every day. I might build a set one day, watch a LEGO movie the next, spend a day sorting parts another day, sit down and build an MOC or Play a LEGO video game. There’s so much to do, it will feel less like a chore as the days march on. So that’s my plan for the summer of 2018.

LEGO everyday. Sometimes it may be all day, sometimes just a few minutes. Either way, it’s going to be a fun summer so get ready for a new post every day. I might have to do this annually from here on, at least until I run out of sets… I’ll still be posting about great builds I see in the community, other LEGO news and if I really like a set I can do an in depth review, so I’m hopeful the summer will be filled with a lot of fun content.

Play Well, all summer long!

*Above photo is as close to my actual likeness as I could find.

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