Check This Out! – Portable Checkers by BuildMe

I’m sucker for the combination of LEGO and games. I bought almost every one produced under the LEGO Games line, I play the LEGO video games regularly and I even build my own LEGO board games from time to time. Because of that, I always enjoy seeing others build their own LEGO games and this one is charmingly simple.

Portable Checkers

I think the clean lines and muted colour scheme BuildMe went with is well chosen for parts availability and setting it apart from the standard black and white. At first glance I thought this was tiny, with 1 x 1 tiles for pieces. I had to click on the image to see that it was built to accommodate 2 x 2 tiles for the checkers. I must admit, I’m tempted to build my own now.

Portable Checkers

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