Go Home Artoo, You’re Drunk…

So I decided I’d build a newer Star Wars set and review it. I haven’t done a set review yet and I figured I was long overdue. I opened the box, as one does, dumped out bag number one onto my tray and the very first part I grabbed for assembly was that familiar 2 x 2 dome. I slapped it on the droid body and started to attach the legs as I looked the new mucked up print over and something seemed off.

As you can see, the print on Artoo’s dome is off by quite a bit and to me it creates a look that makes him look as though his dome is askew. From some disastrous injury or a little too much hot oil, if you know what I mean.

Go Home Artoo, You’re Drunk…

Now, while I like this look I still would prefer to have a proper print, so I intend on calling LEGO Shop@Home for a replacement. I have hundreds of minifigures and droids, maybe thousands (low thousands at least) and I think this is the first time I’ve ever gotten one with this noticeable a misprint. If you’ve ever gotten a disfigured or misprinted part and didn’t contact LEGO’s customer service, I strongly suggest you do. The very few times I’ve ever had to call, they’ve been incredibly helpful and it’s important for LEGO’s quality control statistics.

Go Home Artoo, You’re Drunk…

But for now I will just enjoy this slightly tipsy little trash can that managed to totally derail any chance of me doing a review of the set. I don’t even remember the name of the set now. Yoda’s Hut? Dagobah Swamp Training? I dunno… How’s THAT for first impressions?

Well played, trash can.

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