Check This Out! A Trio Of Builds From Sheo.

These three builds were all posted by Sheo within two days and when I saw them I couldn’t decide which to post, so why not show all three! Take a look and see which one’s your favourite.

The first is called “Evelyn and it pulls off the structure of a face in a deceptively small area. I love this style of building and I usually call it a mosaic as it is still created with specific parts arranged to make a picture. Generally in LEGO a mosaic is created with 1 x 1’s in an 8-bit style, but I think the concept is much more fluid. Either way, Sheo calls them sculptures and that works too. The face is achieved with just a few small parts and the curves and line structure are perfect. Minimal parts, maximum effect.

The next is called “Where’s Everyone, Guys?” and as soon as I saw it I thought of Gene Kelly in a classic dance routine. That’s how I think you know you’ve achieved art, when people project their ideas onto yours. Great shaping and a fun concept with perfect execution.

The last one is called “Trickster” and at first I just assumed it was supposed to be Midna from the Legend of Zelda series. After examining more closely and looking into the fact that the eye is the wrong colour and on the wrong side, I guess I’m just projecting again. Still, it’s my favourite and it pefectly portrays the trickster aesthetic, so well I automatically assumed it was one I was familiar with.

Well played, Sheo.

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