Check This Out! Inside a Poké Ball by Grant Davis

We’re big Poké fans in our household and my son’s favourite is Pikachu. When the new Let’s Go! Pokemon games were announced, there was no hesitation for him to choose Pikachu. Which is great, because I wanted Eevee anyway. We’ve often over the years imagined what it must be like inside a poké ball and this concept built by Grant Davis is certainly one thought we’ve concidered.

He’s done a great job interpreting this piece of art called “Cozy Pokeball” by Nerd-Scribbles. I always prefered Robot Chicken’s hot tub hangout version, but is cool too. Looking at this set up I don’t feel quite so bad about the hundreds of Pokémon I’ve imprisoned over the past few years. They seem to have it pretty good in there.

Inside a Poké Ball

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