Check This Out! Octopus Mech by Moko

I love a good mecha and tend to buy every one that LEGO makes. I also love seeing unique takes on the genre and this MFS-019 Octopus from Moko hits all the right notes. The colour choice is fantastic and really brings the whole build alive. The parts usage is the real stand-out for me though. The half onion dome for the bulbous head, the horse barding pieces that give the tentacles their great shaping and the ice skates on the fingers tips are all inspired choices.

MFS-019 Octopus

Once the ‘head’ is flipped back it opens up into a full blown war machine. It’s just so eye catching i’ve spent the last half hour or so pouring over the details. Even the simple use of the studs on the bottom of the tentacles is perfect. So much great work!

MFS-019 Octopus

You can check out more pics of Moko’s beastly mech on his blog.

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