12 Items Or Fewer – LEGO’s 2018 Holiday Line-Up

On Thursday May 17th LEGO unveiled over 100 sets that will be available between now and the end of 2018. I decided that instead of just dumping pictures for that many sets here in a giant post or hitting you with a barrage of posts, splitting up the sets by theme I’m going to pick what I think are the cream of the crop.

Twelve sets that speak to me and that I think will appeal to others based on the criteria I look for in a set. So let’s get right into this shall we?

#12 – 10261 Creator Expert Roller Coaster

10261 - Creator Expert Roller Coaster

Available now for LEGO VIP’s, this massive set clocks in at 4124 pieces and will set you back a whopping $379.99 USD or $479.99 CAD. That price tag will be far too steep for many, including me, but it’s still a great set with some fantastic parts. It wouldn’t be together a day before I had upgraded it with power functions and started massive alterations. Wheeeee!

10261 - Creator Expert Roller Coaster Box

#11 – 21042 LEGO Architecture Statue Of Liberty

21042 - Statue Of Liberty

Almost half a meter tall and 1685 pieces, this new Architecture set will cost you $119.99 USD or $139.99 CAD. Less pricey than the roller coaster and certainly not as fun, but still not cheap and it may only appeal to very small demographic. As you have already guessed, I’m in the demo. I want it for parts alone. So much sand green… She’ll be available June 1st.

21042 - Statue Of Liberty Box

#10 – 76110 Attack Of The Talons

76110 - Attack Of The Talons

This one is far more affordable and more fun than a big green statue. At $19.99 USD or $24.99 CAD you’ll get a couple of Talon figures from the popular Court Of Owls story line, a new Batman figure with armour, new batarang parts in gold and most importantly, Ace the Bat-Hound. Worth the price for Ace alone and now Scooby-Doo and Krypto won’t be lonely.

#9 – 41613 Mr. Incredible & Frozone Brickheadz

41613 - Mr. Incredible & Frozone Brickheadz

Available now for $19.99 USD or $24.99 CAD, this Brickheadz 2-pack is out to coincide with with the release of Incredibles 2 and would make a welcome addition to any collection. Spoiler, it won’t be the only Brickheadz entry on this list. Shocker.

#8 – 31084 Pirate Roller Coaster

31084 - Pirate Roller Coaster

If you don’t have 4-5 hundred dollars to spend on a LEGO roller coaster, you’re in luck. LEGO is making good use of the new track parts with this awesome smaller scale coaster with a funny pirate theme. At 923 pieces for $89.99 USD or $109.99 CAD I can see a lot of these being re-purposed as either Pirates of the Caribbean or some other theme after this comes out in August.

#7 – Ninjago Dragon Master Spinners

70644 - Golden Dragon Master

At $14.99 USD or $17.99 CAD, these are on the low end of the price scale and they are fun to boot. The biggest draw for me is the new plastic wing part. I can’t wait to make a Jean Grey Phoenix with fiery wing background or a golden winged warbird. Neat.

70647 - Kai Dragon Master

#6 – 60202 People Pack – Outdoor Adventures

60202 - Outdoor Adventures

These giant minifigure packs have been on the top of my son’s LEGO list for the past two years and I love them too. It’s a great selection and instantly populates a bigger scene if you are so inclined. The eagle and the tent are great, but the whole set is worth the $39.99 USD or $49.99 CAD price tag.

#5 – 41346 Friendship Box

41346 - Friendship Box

I’m a big fan of the friends line. The sets are full of great parts in unique colours. This set is not exception, but it’s different because it’s not a playset. There have been a few Friends themed sets that were items like jewellery boxes or what not. This follows in that vein with walkie talkies, a microphone and a camera. It’s a great looking set that rings in at $49.99 USD or $64.99 CAD for 563 colourful pieces and I’d say it’s well worth the price.

#4 – 41456 Unikingdom Fairground Fun

41456 - Unikingdom Fairground Fun

Like the roller coaster sets above, but still can’t rationalize dropping that much coin? I got you. There is yet a third coaster set coming out, this one in the Unikitty! line that will be available in August. It’s got a bunch of crazy characters, fun parts in bright colours and carries a price tag of $39.99 USD or $49.99 CAD for 515 pieces. I hope the Unikitty! sets sell well, because I’d like to see more and want more variants of that crazy princess. Unikiity!

#3 – 41611 Marty McFly & Doc Brown Brickheadz

41611 - Marty McFly & Doc Brown Brickheadz

The 80’s are back in LEGO form! I bought four copies of the Back To The Future LEGO Ideas set, one to put away for my son and three to build in the different versions of the DeLorean from the three films. I also enjoyed the Dimensions fun packs and can’t wait to get these Brickheadz. They are available now for $19.99 USD or $24.99 CAD and I highly recommend everyone buy them so LEGO will be more inclined to make more 80’s Brickheadz. Chunk and Sloth from the Goonies? Yes. Mister T’s B.A. Baracus from the A-Team? Yes. E.T and Elliot? Yes. Gizmo and Spike from Gremlins? Yes, yes, yes to all the things!

#2 – 41775 Unikitty Collectable Figure Series 1

41775 - Unikitty Collectable Figure Series

My love for Unikitty is established , but I also really enjoy the collectable minifigure series that come out all too often. This one combines the two and it’s the cheapest entry on the list at four bucks a pop. Perfect for stocking stuffers, or just general bribes! I don’t personally care about the other character, but I do like some of his pieces and I might like it more once I start watching the show. Still, better catch em all.

#1 – 76112 App-Controlled Batmobile

76112 - App-Controlled Batmobile

This is the top of the list for me. A new series of sets to go in line with last years LEGO Boost launch. The first in line here is the App-Controlled Batmobile with 321 pieces. I love the idea of building a Batmobile and then remote controlling it with my phone. I don’t like the design here, but that’s the great thing about LEGO, I’ll just design my own! Then, why stop there? Use the motor and app to make other powered build and control them. I can’t wait to get a better look and this thing and hopefully get my hands on one. It’s available on August 1st for $99.99 USD which is most likely $129.99 CAD. So start saving now!

Well, those are my top picks for this next big wave, I hope you like them too and keep on building!

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