LEGO Conjures Up Harry Potter Brickheadz

I received these images of the upcoming Harry Potter Brickheadz yesterday and I have to say that they look great. I never would have expected for LEGO to make a Hedwig model, but I guess after seeing the Jurassic World Owen & Blue 2-pack, I shouldn’t have been surprised.

41615 - Harry Potter & Hedwig - Box Front
41615 - Harry Potter41615 - Hedwig

There are a lot of great printed parts, including Hermione’s frilled skirt, Harry’s house patch and Hedwig’s feathers. As usual they’ve done a great job with the parts selection creating the different hairstyles and I think they’ve made three models look sufficiently different (partly due to Harry’s robes) where similar school uniforms could have been repetitive.

41616 - Hermione Granger41616 - Hermione Granger - Box Front

The standout for me is Dumbledore. Printed transparent tiles for his glasses and several of each printed tile to create his robe and hat make this a must have for me. Plus, the legless construct to pull off his full-length robe makes him sturdier, giving him a nice look and giving me extra parts.

41621 - Ron Weasley & Albus Dumbledore
41621 - Albus Dumbledore41621 - Ron Weasley
41621 - Ron Weasley & Albus Dumbledore - Box Front

The sets go on sale July 1st and should range from $12.99 to $24.99 CAD.

41621 -  1 To 1

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