Check This Out! It Took A Lot Of Hammers To Build That Wall

There is a lot to like about this relatively small, build. The shaping of the base is nicely done, the book-ended rock work makes good use of BURPs and there is a lot of great SNOT work around the gate. The highlight of the build is the wall section that is constructed from a whole lot of Mjolnir’s with their tops facing out. It’s a wonderful effect and an excellent use of headlight bricks and hammers.

Gate of Rogatino

vitreolum‘s ‘Gate of Rogatino‘ is an excellent build, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the figure. I immeadiately thought of Red Sonja when I saw it and I love that it’s one part Wonder Woman, one part Princess Leia and one part The Little Mermaid.

Well played.

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