NYCC Exclusive Star Wars BrickHeadz Boba Fett & Han In Carbonite 2-Pack

The mystery set of Star Wars BrickHeadz teased in the last couple days has been revealed as the legendary bounty hunter and his ultimate… bounty. I wish I could say this was great news, but I’m in the same boat as the vast, VAST majority of fans in that I’ll unfortunately never have this set due to its extreme exclusivity, but there may be hope yet…

I’m really hoping the “exclusive” part of this set is the Han in carbonite. I’d hate to think that LEGO would hold back the character that seemingly sells the most toys from their fledgling BrickHeadz theme. I’ve really enjoyed the theme so far and have gotten all the figures except the convention exclusives. A couple years ago, SDCC had and exclusive 2-pk for the Star Wars Black Series 6-inch figures of Boba and his Han-sicle. I almost had one, but even though that fell through I was able to get my main man Boba when they released his figure solo.

So if you were lucky enough to get into the online draw and won a chance to buy the set this upcoming weekend, I’m happy for you and a little jealous. With any luck at all, the rest of us Boba Fettishists will still get a chance to get our hands on this bounty hunting BrickHead in the future. The hopefully, not-too-distant future.

If anybody did draw a ticket and then was disappointed at the prize, hit me up and I’d gladly buy it from you!

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