Galleries Are Now Live!

Part of the reason for finally buildng my own website is having a place to put all the MOCs I’ve built over the years in one spot. I’ll be able to do individual posts on builds from here on, but almost everything I’ve done up until 2016 is live now. I still have some tweaking to do and a couple still need to be populated, but we’re at 80% at least and that ain’t bad!

Just click on the Galleries tab at the top of the page and you’ll be able to browse through nearly ten years of MOCs. I’ve organized the galleries into themes and I will begin adding certain pieces to multiple galleries for ease in looking them up. If you only like Star Trek, you never have to click on that filthy Star Wars link and if you only like Star Wars… well you get the idea.

Expect more content to follow in the coming days. I will start posting exceptional builds that catch my eye and I will have some more of my own builds to post as soon as I have the time to photograph them.

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