Go Home Artoo, You’re Drunk…

So I decided I’d build a newer Star Wars set and review it. I haven’t done a set review yet and I figured I was long overdue. I opened the box, as one does, dumped out bag number one onto my tray and the very first part I grabbed for assembly was that familiar 2 x 2 dome. I slapped it on the droid body and started to attach the legs as I looked the new mucked up print over and something seemed off. Continue reading “Go Home Artoo, You’re Drunk…”

Check This Out! Inside a Poké Ball by Grant Davis

We’re big Poké fans in our household and my son’s favourite is Pikachu. When the new Let’s Go! Pokemon games were announced, there was no hesitation for him to choose Pikachu. Which is great, because I wanted Eevee anyway. We’ve often over the years imagined what it must be like inside a poké ball and this concept built by Grant Davis is certainly one thought we’ve concidered. Continue reading “Check This Out! Inside a Poké Ball by Grant Davis”

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